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Pet Whiffer AromaPendant Diffuser

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Pet Whiffer Aromatherapy will benefit your pets. Every animal would be healthier with a whiffer containing essential oils, and would be good for hyper-active, nervous animals, and dogs with fleas and ticks.
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Pamper Your Pets with Aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy is a growing field and the therapeutic results are not just limited to people. Pets can also benefit greatly from the effects of essential oils and other natural remedies. They have been pampered with luxury beds, gourmet treats, designer collars, and fancy grooming. Following the growing trend of aromatherapy, the royal treatment for companion animals has been extended to include essential oils.

When a scent is inhaled, the odor molecules are carried up through the olfactory nerves where the aroma is then recognized by the brain. Nerve cells in the brain relay this information to the limbic system. Essential oils can control emotions, balance and enhance our immune system, and cause the release of hormones that can affect our appetite, nervous system, body temperature, stress levels, and mental focus. They can also protect against mold, bacteria, and other harmful organisms.

A dog's sense of smell is many times more powerful than ours and inhalation of essential oils can be used to control hyperactivity and anxiety. Dogs can become over-excited and experience feelings of fear, anger, nervousness, and stress. The Pet Whiffer filled with oils is a great way to help calm and comfort your canine friend.

Satisfied pet owners have reported the following benefits of their dog's Whiffer:

Calms hyperactivity and anxiety - lavender
Reduces fear of loud noises and thunderstorms - Peace and Calming, Valor, valerian
Repels fleas and ticks - Purification, peppermint, lemongrass, lemon, grapefruit
To keep horses from spooking in stressful situations - ylang ylang and/or patchouli; and peppermint to keep insects away!

(Peace and Calming, Valor, and Purification and the single oils listed above are available at

Pet Whiffers are approximately 2 inches long and are made of waterproof polyester resin. Just unscrew the cap and put the appropriate oil on the cotton stick. Easy to attach to the collar. Oils have been shown to be highly effective with horses as well.

Pet Whiffers will benefit your animals. Every animal would be healthier with a whiffer containing essential oils, and would be good for hyper-active, nervous animals, dogs with fleas and ticks.

Pet Whiffers are waterproof and have a friction ring (o-ring) to keep the whiffer from coming unscrewed from the movement of the animal. Available in assorted colors: light blue, royal blue, purple/white swirl, red/white swirl, turquoise/purple swirl.

These Whiffers come with both a Key Ring and a Lanyard Clip. When used as a key ring they not only freshen your vehicle with the right essential oil, they can purify the air and kill mold, fungus, and other bacteria that is often found in ventilation systems.

Pet Whiffers are hand-turned on a lathe from block polyrsesin.
Each Whiffer comes ready to go with its absorbent cotton stick inside.

Packet of 12 cotton refill sticks $8.00 - Save on postage later by ordering extra refills now.



The AromaPendant metal end pieces have been upgraded to a stronger, more durable, tarnish free material. The new end caps are made with a new multi-level plating process using titanium and 24K gold. The result is a very attractive durable metal that will virtually never wear off and has the appearance of high quality gold jewelry.

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