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Holy Thistle Tea

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Unique herbal tea blend gently cleanses digestive tract, detoxifies and rids pharmaceutical AND recreational drug residues from the body temple and so much more!
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Dr Miller's Holy Tea

Based on a medicinal herb called Holy Thistle (used for over 2000 years), this amazing cleansing tea has been formulated and used successfully for over 20 Years by Dr. Bill Miller (Ph.D. Nutritional Science) of Jackson, Tennessee. Holy Tea is a unique herbal blend of safe, all-natural ingredients designed to gently cleanse the digestive tract and detoxify the body.

Its name is taken from the traditional name of one of the ingredients, a widely-used medicinal herb known as Holy Thistle, and is not intended to imply any religious significance - although grateful users who experienced remarkable health improvements after drinking Holy Tea often thank God for this gift of healing!

Dr. Miller's Holy Tea may also be used as an element in any Weight Loss Program and is much more effective than Chinese Green Tea. Just drinking the Holy Tea regularly often results in a reduction in the amount of stored fat in the body, and a significant reduction in the size of the abdomen or belly. For some people, the weight loss has been achieved quickly and rather dramatically, but individual results will vary.

When the excess weight is actually from impacted fecal matter stuck to the inside wall of the colon and small intestine, no amount of dieting or fat loss or exercise can reduce the size of the belly. But Holy Tea can, and does! If you have bloat, midriff bulge, or a "beer belly" then Holy Tea can help you shed pounds and lose inches around your waist.

Dr. Miller's Holy Tea is a safe, mellow-tasting, calming, detoxifying herbal tea which has been used with great results for over 20 years in Dr. Miller's two clinics by thousands of persons who suffered with:

Acid Reflux Disease (GERD) or Heartburn
Indigestion / Stomach Ache
Irregularity / Constipation / Hard Stools / Hemorrhoids
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) / Crohn's Disease
Abdominal Pain / Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBDs)
Spastic Colon / Colitis / Ileitis
Excess Gas / Flatulence
Bad Breath / Bad Body Odor
Belching / Bloating
Enlarged Abdomen / Protruding Belly
Excess Stored Fat / Excess Weight / Obesity
Skin Conditions / Itchy, flakey skin or scalp
Inflamed Skin / Dermatitis / Eczema / Psoriasis
Allergies and Hay Fever / Food Allergies
Fibromyalgia / Sciatica
Joint Pain / Arthritis / Migraine Headaches
Insomnia / Restless sleep
Low Energy
Loss of Mental Clarity, Concentration, Forgetfulness ("Brain Fog")

You would think people wouldn't want to talk about their colon and the nasty stuff stuck inside... but they do! Especially when they soon see how they are getting rid of it! Millions of suffering people need this product. Probably many of the people you know and care for could be helped by it.

Simply by drinking two 8-ounce cups per day, Dr. Miller's tea consumers have successfully used Holy Tea to:

Take inches off their belly and reduce fat everywhere - without dieting or giving up any favorite foods
Feel more energy and enjoy life more
Restore mental clarity and improve memory diminished by too many toxins in the blood
Get relief from allergies and hay fever
Clean out pharmaceutical or recreational drug residues and heavy metals
Clean out nicotine and second-hand smoke deposits
Assist with a stop smoking program
Keep the colon, kidneys, liver, and lungs healthy and clean
Improve digestion and absorption of nutrients
Help detoxify chemicals created by parasites, fungi, yeast, and bad bacteria in the colon and digestive tract
Remove parasites such as worms and flukes from the colon
Help remove toxins from the blood, organs, and entire digestive system
Restore the natural balance of 80% probiotic bacteria to 20% yeast, to improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients
Restore regularity and reduce auto-intoxification
End constipation, hard stools, and hemorrhoids
Help relieve digestive ailments such as Acid Reflux (GERD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn's Disease, Diverticulitis, Colitis
Clear skin conditions and body odor caused by internal toxins being excreted through sweat glands
Have skin which is healthy, soft, and younger-looking
Aid in reducing high LDL cholesterol and hypertension

And, with continued use of Dr. Miller's Holy Tea one may experience clearer, healthier, and younger-looking skin; increased energy; increased mental clarity and focus; a better memory; more resistance to diseases; better overall health; more comfort with the body; and a happier outlook on life!

Dr. Miller's Holy Thistle Tea comes in a 4-pack of 2 teabags each (8 teabags).


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