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BioElectric Shield - Sterling Silver with Brass Accents - Satin Brush Finish SBT

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BioElectric Shield - Sterling Silver with Brass Accents - Satin Brush Finish SBT
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EMF Protection

Cancer caused by electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, computers, and our environment

Protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation from computers, cell phones, all electrical devices. Protect yourself from other people's energy!

Alternative Medicine magazine in their June issue 2002 did an article about the harmful effects of electromagnetics. The article states that "Of the people tested by Brown, 98% showed muscle weakness simply from holding a cell phone. However, according to Brown's study, within minutes of wearing the shield, subjects' strength returned to normal and in many cases improved. After three weeks of wearing the device, Brown observed, test subjects showed anywhere from 108% to 400% improvements in immune function, allergy points and liver, kidney, gall bladder and stomach function."

Alternative Medicine magazine also performed their own independent study of the BioElectric Shield. The study was for heart-rate variability. When the subject was exposed to a cell phone, "her sympathetic nervous system went into 'fight or flight' mode, producing the stimulating hormones cortisol and adrenaline and accelerating her heart rate. Then she put on a BioElectric Shield. Again she was exposed to a cell phone. While wearing the shield, the cell phone caused no change in her heart rate where before it had reacted "violently." At the conclusion of their test, they report "Who would have thought it - those darned things seem to work!"

"I've been wearing a BioElectric Shield for over 7 years. I wouldn't live in a major metropolitan area without one! I noticed a marked difference in my energy level immediately upon receiving my shield. I was working in a huge building with computers, manufacturing equipment, and fluorescent lights everywhere. I previously experienced incredible fatigue after going to a mall or flying in an airplane. Wearing my BioElectric Shield, I'm completely unaffected by the electromagnetic fields and negative energy in those and other places. I had tried other devices on the market prior to the BioElectric Shield and felt no difference with or without their use. As the studies show, practically everyone is adversely affected by electromagnetics. The BioElectric Shield is the only device I recommend - because I know it works!" Takara, Spirit of Nature

For international inquiries, please start at our Bioelectric Shield FAQ page - click on Product Links up at the top.

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