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BioElectric Shield - Sterling Silver - Mirror Finish PSST

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BioElectric Shield - Solid Sterling Silver - Mirror Finish PSST
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Crystal / Physics Technology

The BioElectric Shield is composed of a matrix of precision cut quartz and other crystals, designed to balance and strengthen your natural energy field.

BioElectric Shields deflects harmful computer microwaves and other electrical transmissions so that they flow around you!

Max von Laue won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1914 by showing that x-rays could be reflected and redirected with a zinc-sulfide crystal (ZnS), in much the same way as mirrors are used to reflect and redirect visible light.

William Bragg won the Nobel Prize in 1915 for establishing "Bragg's Law" which determines the specific crystal spacing (i.e. the specific lattice spacing) needed to reflect and redirect any type of electromagnetic energy.

Since then, scientists have used natural crystals to reflect and redirect other types of electromagnetic radiation (like gamma rays).

Modern science also has made extensive use of the fact that different crystals "resonate" at different frequencies. The first short-wave radios and electric watches were made of quartz crystals, because quartz amplifies and stabilizes only certain fixed frequencies of vibration. (For the same reason, the first lasers were made from rubies).

The Shield strengthens your energy field in two ways:
1) By deflecting and redirecting energies that impinge on you from your environment, and
2) By reinforcing your own natural energies so they are much less susceptible to outside disturbances.

Physics content drawn from an interview with Dr. Mark Semon, physicist, Professor, Bates College.

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